Project Graduation and Grad Night High School Lock In Events

Congratulations you're on your way to the best Graduation Party Ever!

You've found the right place to get awesome comedy hypnosis shows for your Graduation Night or Post Prom event. Watch the video then fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

"Your show was fantastic and the kids loved it.  We can't wait to watch it again on the video we ordered!  Thanks for everything.  It was the icing on the cake!" 

Julia Taylor, Project Graduation Organizer
Brownwood High School, Brownwood, TX

The choices you make for entertainment at your Lock In will be one of the most important choices you make in planning your event. A great show will not only help draw more students to the event (which is the purpose of course), but a great show will also get this years graduates talking about the show to next years graduates. We've seen it time after time that a school cuts corners one year and get's the cheapest entertainment, or cuts the entertainment altogether, and the next year attendance is down, or in some cases, the event falls apart completely! We look at it as our RESPONSIBILITY to make sure this doesn't happen at your school!

C.J. Johnson has personally performed at over 300 high school lock-in's for post prom, Grad Night, Project Graduation, Project Graduation, Project Celebration's or a myriad of other names for these events. The one thing they've all had in common is that they knew that a comedy hypnosis show would be the single most popular event that would happen during this special evening!

"They loved the show!  All the Project Graduation committee heard were great comments from the kids.  It was fun for them to have their peers as the main attraction.  The whole show was done in good taste.  We would also like to thank you for all of your professionalism before the show as well as during and after the show.  It is nice to work with someone who is so organized.  You gave great instructions on what was needed for the show, and what was needed was minor and easily obtained.  It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Vickie Rogers and the 
Montgomery High School Project Graduation Committee

Why a Hypnosis Show?

Hypnosis is the most popular type of show you can do at your Grad Night Lock In.

Our kids are becoming adults at this event, it's a rite of passage, and the a hypnosis show doesn't treat the students like kids, it treats them as adults (though the shows are always clean!).

The hypnosis show is thought of as intellectual, mysterious, intriguing and as a great chance for your students to be the stars of the evening.

In fact, your students being the stars of the evening is the main focus of all hypnotists that we work with here at This is the main reason that hypnosis shows are so popular, especially with today's "YouTube Generation" - it's all about them!

"Thanks for a job well done!!!  The kids had a BLAST.  All of the adults there said it was the best hypnotist show they had ever seen.  We'll pass the word on to next years class.  Thanks again!"

Michelle Silar
Parent Committee - Grad Night Party
Teague High School

Why Use C.J. Johnson or one of his hypnotists?

C.J. Johnson is an award winning hypnotist with thousands of performances of experience. He's headlined Casino's, toured extensively with major recording artists such as Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley and Brooks and Dunn, been featured on CBS, FOX, CMT and Showtime television, performed at hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide and has personally performed at over 300 high school lock in's. Only half a dozen hypnotists in the country have this kind of a resume' and C.J. is the only one of those who will still go out and do a High School Grad Night event! Why? His philosophy about why these events are held and his part in them!

Most of C.J.'s lock in events are schools who have booked him in the past, many for 10+ years. Occasionally a new school is added, or one drops out and C.J. can add a new school to his list of regulars. When he cannot do the show personally then he will book in one of his qualified and prescreened hypnotists for your event. Each of these hypnotists meets the following requirements:

  • C.J. has personally seen them perform their show live.
  • C.J. has either personally trained them, or knows their trainer and that trainers philosophy and methods
  • Full Insured
  • Always works clean
  • Always gets great reviews (we follow up after every show to make sure it was great!)
  • Never does insulting or off color routines or humor
  • Never uses profanity
  • Is truly professional in each and every way.
  • Most have access to their own sound system when needed (an extra fee may apply)

"Let me just tell you CJ how much all of us, parents and students, enjoyed your program.  You have continually given a wonderful performance to  Humble High School  and it is so appreciated by us.   The kids always ask each year if the hypnotist will be at Project Grad.   Word travels from year to year how much fun the hypnotist show is and they want to make sure Project Grad will include your show.   Anyway....Thank you again from all of us for a wonderful program."

Anita Harrison, Project Grad Chairman
Humble High School

(Note: CJ performed at Humble High School for 12 consecutive years!)

Why C.J. still does Graduation Night Events

While most entertainers with C.J.'s credentials aren't out doing Grad Night parties any more C.J. still does them because of one reason... he believes they help to save lives.

C.J. attended a very small school, with a graduating class of only 68 his senior year. Even with a class that small he lost two classmates in Graduation Night car accidents while he was in high school. Alcohol was involved in both of them. As a result, these drug and alcohol free parties are very important to him on a personal level and he delivers a powerful "Don't drink and drive" message at each and every grad night show.

"As long as I'm able to do it, I'll keep working at Grad Night events. I truly believe that they save lives. We'll never know whose life was saved tonight, but it may have been yours, and I'm thrilled to have been a part of that." C.J. Johnson - at every lock in he performs at.

"I have been going to proms & post-proms since 1976 and this was the best ever!"

Paul Zanowski
Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, NC

Various options - always great support!

When booking a hypnotist for your graduation night event you have the option of booking C.J. (or any of the other hypnotists we work with) specifically, or in booking the hypnotist who's available in your area. Both have their advantages. Booking a specific hypnotist you know exactly who you are getting and are able to view their video/promo package etc. Booking "available hypnotist" you know that you'll get someone who has been personally selected and prescreened by C.J. Johnson, AND you'll get a discounted price of about $350 because we'll be able to schedule that hypnotist for more than one event in the night or reduce his travel, for which our hypnotists are willing to give a discount.

Plus... you'll get our exclusive guide on "How to get the most out of your Lock In Hypnotist". Tips we've learned from performing at hundreds of these events. It might be the first time that YOU've done one of these, but, as the saying goes "it ain't our first rodeo". We know that helping you have the best event ever is going to get us booked again and again at your school - so we go the extra mile!

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